Thursday, June 23, 2011

Conley/Swift Wedding

I had so much fun helping Ryan and Amanda plan their wedding! We don't do a ton of ceremonies and receptions (however, next year we are going to be doing a whole bunch more!), but this past weekend we were privileged to have both wonderful events at the club! 

Okay, this is just too cool. The Bride had this hanger specially made. How awesome is that?! On wedding days, our small meeting room, the Heritage Room, becomes our bridal suite. This room is great because it gives the Bride and her Bridal Party their own space with plenty of outlets and mirrors for everything they need to be ready to walk down the aisle!

We were excited to host both the ceremony and the reception. This is the Glassroom set up for the ceremony. The Glassroom boasts a great view of the golf course but the comfort of an indoor room. It's the best of both worlds!

You don't need a lot of decorations with a view like that!

Instead of a guest book, guests were invited to leave the couple well wishes on a frame they can use in their home.

I love this picture they had for their gift table. 

The brides and bridesmaids displayed their bouquets on the gift table after the ceremony.

Speaking of bouquets, how cool are these?! The bride and bridesmaids were very crafty and made their bouquets out of fabric and buttons. They were so cute but also became a great keepsake for the bridesmaids.

This was the Bride's bouquet. Just so beautiful and fun. She'll have this bouquet forever.

The tables were just as fun, like this couple. The centerpieces were pictures of the Bride and Groom through the years. Each guest received a cookie, too!

The cake was just beautiful, and these little hearts are actually little mint candies, made by the Bride's Aunt.

I love unconventional groom's cakes! This groom had a cheesecake bar! Yes, those little things are actually little individual cheesecakes!

The guests were invited the dip their cheesecake in sauces of chocolate, cherry, and raspberry. Yum!

It was lovely ceremony and reception here at Bluegrass. If you are interested in a venue for your wedding, call me at 615-824-6528 Ext. 111!

Only one more week left on this June special! If the event is booked by June 30th, there is complimentary room rent!*

*Excludes Saturdays in April, May, June, and December. Event must occur within 12 months of the booking date. Subject to availability. 

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