Sunday, June 26, 2011

Battle of the High School Reunions

It was something that just happened. First, Donelson High School Class of 1961 booked their 50th reunion in the Glassroom on Saturday, June 25th. Then, Isaac Litton High School Class of 1961 booked their 50th reunion in the Ballroom, also on June 25th. I thought, "Oh, isn't that cute?" But when I heard that they were rival High Schools, I thought we might have a rumble in the parking lot! Obviously, this sparked a friendly competition between the two schools. Who could have the best reunion? Of course, I took lots of pictures! You decide!

First up, in the Ballroom, Isaac Litton Class of 1961. 

The special guest: the Litton Lion!

Litton school colors are red and blue. The tables alternated napkin colors, and the centerpieces were our own blue vases with a beautiful fresh flower arrangement.

Guests checked in and collected their name tags. This was incredibly important last night because we were all wondering who was with which reunion!

Of course, we all know someone we have lost along the way. Isaac Litton displayed the senior portraits of their classmates that have passed on.

The names of those classmates were displayed so that no one would be forgotten.

Did I mention that neither of these high schools exist anymore? This is a brick from Isaac Litton High School, saved from when it was demolished.

It's amazing the memorabilia  that we see at class reunions. From pom-poms to graduation announcements, to pictures from class reunions past, each class had plenty to display.

Even an old cheerleader uniform was on display.

For the cocktail hour, the Isaac Litton Class made sure no table was left without some sparkle!

Meanwhile, Donelson Class of 1961 was moving and shaking in the Glassroom. The reunion committee made sure everyone had something to remember the event by. These are the mugs that each guest was given, placed at each place setting on the tables. 

Each table had a unique centerpiece. This was so cute. Each table had a theme with original memorabilia displayed. What a cute idea!

This table payed tribute to "The King".

Of course we had to show some school spirit!

A table for Miss Tennessee, who visited the school that year.

Newspaper clippings from school triumphs were displayed on this table.

This table showcased some of the great movies from 1961.

Apparently Mr. Ed was a big hit on TV in 1961!

Can't forget all that great music!

This globe hi-lighted the historical events in 1961.

When you think of the 1950's and 60's, you think of drinking a milkshake and listening to the juke box at the neighborhood diner. This table reminded everyone of the great food back then!

This centerpiece showed off the fashion of the day.

Can't forget the basketball team!

Isn't technology great? Two classmates brought TVs to display pictures from past class reunions and old high school pictures!

Litton had their lion, but Elvis was in attendance in the Glassroom for Donelson!

Of course, every class reunion has to have a memorbelia table. Donelson's was jam-packed with stuff! Old jerseys, yearbooks, pictures, scrapbooks, you name it!

We have some decorative columns in the Glassroom. Each column was decorated with quotes and inside jokes that only the Donelson classmates would get!

They found this hilarious, needless to say myself and the rest of the staff didn't get it!

All in all, everyone was friendly. There was no fist fights and no drag races down the lane. After 50 years, both classes were glad to see each other. And maybe even an old flame from the forbidden rival school...  

So, in the Battle of the Class Reunions, who do you think won? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. what a fun thing to happen , two rival high schools. Cute photos