Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Check out Bluegrass!

Welcome to the Club! This is our wonderful clubhouse. Bluegrass is a staple in the Hendersonville community. You remember having your senior prom here, and we know there is no doubt in your mind this is the ideal spot for your wedding or private event.

The Ballroom. This room measures 66'6"x71' for a total of 4721 square feet! This room is perfect for large wedding receptions, big meetings, luncheons, or conventions. The Grand Ballroom boasts a built-in dance floor and bar. This room can hold up to 350 people.
This space measures 44'x36' for a total of 1584 square feet. With a wonderful view of the 18th green and the adjacent patio, this room is perfect for smaller groups, such as rehearsal dinners, monthly meetings, or intimate wedding receptions. This room can hold up to 150 people with the use of the patio. This room, as well as the patio, are two great options for wedding ceremonies.
This is a lovely example of the Glassroom set up for a ceremony. The light wasn't awesome that day, but you can see the great view out the window!

18 Hole Champion Golf Course
Our beautiful golf course with brand-new USGA greens, can be utilized for corporate, social, or charity tournaments on select Mondays based on availability.

Heritage Room
This space measures 19'x18' for a total of 342 square feet. This room can hold up to 15 people, depending on the room set-up. Formerly the President's Room, this room is perfect for small meetings.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me for any of your Private Event needs!
Phone- (615) 824-6528 Ext. 111
Fax- (615) 824-6647
E-mail- Kat.Baumgartner@ourclub.com

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