Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Candy "Bar"

The biggest trend we have noticed at Bluegrass is the addition of the candy bar to the wedding sweets offerings. Some couples seem to be more into color coordination, while others are more concerned about having their own favorite candies. Either way, it’s a great whimsical feature! Here's some things we've been seeing around the club:

1) Personalized M&M’s.
It’s amazing how versatile these little bite-sized candies are! Now you can go to and choose from an array of colors. You can also add phrases to your M&M’s or even the date of your wedding. And yes, you can put you and your beloved’s faces on the candies. I’m not sure how I feel about my friends eating my face, but I’ve seen more than a few so far.

2) Ribbon

Adding a pretty ribbon around your candy jars is a great way to add some color to your candy bar. No need to spend an hour at the candy store matching each jelly bean to your swatches. Just run up to your local craft store and pick one color ribbon and then stock up on Godiva chocolates, Hershey kisses, or even mints!

3) Don’t forget the details
It’s always important to include something for your guest to put the candy in. This could be as simple as a Dixie cup (they actually make cute ones now!) or a little drawstring bag. I have seen a few with little monogrammed boxes for the guests to take home. You also want to make sure there is something that allows the guest to get the candy out of the container. Little miniature scoops can be coordinated with a little bow or tongs are great for those candies already in wrappers. Of course, keep in mind that those little munchkins are sure to be the ones most fascinated with your candy bar. Make sure that everything is accessible for the smaller guests at your reception.

Bluegrass will be happy to set-up your candy bar for you! Just drop everything off and we will take just one more thing from your to-do list!

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