Thursday, July 12, 2012

Owen 25th Anniversary

In 1983, David Owen stuck his hand out in a bar and grabbed an unsuspecting woman. Upon seeing her, he said, "Oh, I thought you were someone else!" Bonnie wrapped her arms around David and said, "Just who would you like me to be?" That was when David and Bonnie met their soul mates. 

In 1987, the two wed, bringing together his three sons and her two daughters to form the Hendersonville Brady Bunch. On Friday, June 22nd, we celebrated that marriage in one big ol' party!

Anyone who received this invitation knew they were in for a large time. As I told my staff, "David Owen's parties don't have an out time."

Outside the Ballroom, guests were greeted by a life-size David and a mannequin Bonnie. That's her actual wedding dress right there! Pictures from their marriage over the years were displayed while the guests signed the guest book.  

This mosaic is so cool! Each tile represents something near and dear to the Owen's.

The Ballroom looked so great! Charcoal pintuck cloths with lemon napkins make the tables look elegant and fun.

Let's talk centerpieces. Thanks to our friends at Destination Nashville, there were three different centerpieces. These vases were topped with personalized lamp shades with more memories.

Other tables were treated to these fun martini glasses. The martini glasses were lit from below with battery operated lights, filled with Hershey kisses and more lights. Add a mint julep cup with flowers, a sparkly 25, and a fun straw and you have one unique centerpiece!

Finally, other tables had these square vases. The vases were filled with clear rocks, more lights, a simple bouquet of flowers, and more pictures from the family.

The event kicked off with some fabulous appetizers. Some were passed, but we set up this little spread in the center of the dance floor. (Don't worry, we moved it before the dancing started!)

As to be expected, the guests were entertained, the speeches were hilarious, and the food was delicious. As it was said many times that evening, "Thank you David for thinking Bonnie was someone else. And thank you to Bonnie for being whoever he wanted her to be!" Happy 25th Anniversary David and Bonnie!

Venue: Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club's Ballroom
Decor: Destination Nashville

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