Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 Ambassador Star Gala

This past Saturday night we hosted our Ambassador Star Gala. What is the Gala? It's a big ol' party for our wonderful Bluegrass Members! Those who sponsored a New Member in 2011 were invited for a night of wining and dining in our Grand Ballroom as a big thanks from all of us at Bluegrass!

The theme was "Winter Wonderland", so we decked out the Ballroom with blue, silver, and white.

I know you've seen chair covers on here before, but these are a little bit different. Silver spandex chair covers gave our chairs a modern look along with some organza ties for even more shine!

We decked out the tables with some specialty linen from Liberty Party Rental, and while we were at it 
added some silver chargers for even more shine. 

We rented some candelabras for a few tables and tied some extra sparkle on them!

We fan folded the napkins and printed some pretty menus to give the place settings a special touch. 

I love it when we mix up the centerpieces! We got some tall vases and filled them with a mixture of rhinestones, pine cones, and silver branches. We of course enhanced with a few ornaments!

To give the candelabras some height, we placed them on some clear boxes filled with more rhinestones and silver pine cones.

To round out the centerpieces, we incorporated our ever-versatile brandy glasses. We filled them with artificial snow and added some flowers, feathers, branches, and pine cones for a very winter-y feel!

For the rest of the Ballroom, we had to add sparkle to anything we possibly could! We had to add some extra bling to our chandeliers.

We found these cool icicles to hang from the corner of the service station, how pretty!

We even made sure to dress up the coffee bar.

Our Members partied the night away! We're ready a great 2012 for Membership!

Interested in Membership at Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club? Visit to learn more or contact Shari Givens, Membership Director at 615-824-6528 Ext. 129 or E-mail her.
(Hey, did I mention that Members get FREE ROOM RENT?!)

Interested in hosting a private event? Contact Kat at 615-824-6528 Ext. 111 or E-mail me!

Venue: Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club's Ballroom
Chair Covers and Ties: Fabulous Events
Specialty Linen, Chargers, and Candelabras: Liberty Party Rental
Decorations: Shari Givens and Amy Jordan
Branches and Pine Cones: Bluegrass Golf Course Maintenance 
Spray Painters: David Tucker and Bobby Payne


  1. So excited to see the pictures Shari, sharing with my family and friends. It truly was a great night!
    Amy Jordan
    Membership Committee

    1. thank you Amy - your help was so appreciated - you are a STAR!!