Thursday, December 8, 2011

St. Joseph Blue & Gold Gala

We have shown a lot of events on here, but we don't just do wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, sweet sixteen parties, ceremonies, and class reunions. (Even though we do those things very well.) A lot of events here at Bluegrass are fundraisers! On November 5th, we hosted the St. Joseph School Blue & Gold Gala. It was a record setting fundraiser. We had so many auction items I couldn't believe it! The theme was "Old Time Circus" and it couldn't have turned out better!

Each room had a name, and the "Big Top" (aka, the Ballroom) held the bar, seating, and live auction. Here's the Ring Leader, who was welcoming everyone to the circus.

The Ballroom was set up with red and white to continue the theme.

What fun centerpieces! The circus needs balloons, and of course popcorn!

DIY lighting: flashlights! My flash is covering up the effect, but it looked really cool with the lights and the feathers!

Guests got to sneak at peek at the live auction items.

The Center Ring (aka: the Glassroom) was where we set up one of the largest silent auctions we have ever done!

Soooo many items!

And more...

The silent auction was so large we had to go outside! Here is the Strong Man showing me to the Side Show (aka: the Patio)

The Patio was set up as the "Man Cave". All the "manly" silent auction items were set up outside.

Here's some more of the auction items. Cigars were also available for purchase to give the patio even more of a "Man Cave" feel.

Yes, the silent auction was so huge we had to expand into the Lobby. This is really neat: each class made a unique work of art to be auctioned at the Gala.

The appetizers continued the theme... can you spot the circus animals in with the fruit and cheese?

Here's all the circus performers: the Ring Leader, the Strong Man, and the Juggler. It was a really great night!

Are you organizing a fundraiser in Sumner County? Where else is there to go?! Call Kat at 615-824-6528 Ext. 111 or E-mail to get started!

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  1. Great pictures and blog, Kat!! What a fun event that was!!