Thursday, September 29, 2011

Parker/Bratcher Rehearsal Dinner

Who says the Ballroom is too big?! While the Grand Ballroom here at Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club may look like daunting with its 4700 square feet, but it is actually a very flexible room! For the Parker/Bratcher Rehearsal Dinner this past Friday, an intimate gathering for just 65 people, the Ballroom was just right.

We normally put the greeting tables outside the room (to signal "Hey! The party is over here!"), but with the extra space, eh, why not? Pictures of the happy couple greeted guests as they entered the room.

We set up all the seating on the dance floor, which kept the guests close and intimate. The head table stretched across the edge of the dance floor along the windows.

We took up as much room as we needed with the buffet.

And for the pre- and post-dinner conversation, why not some soft seating? We created this "lounge" area for guests to mingle and watch the slideshow.

The Ballroom isn't just for big events! Need to host an event for 30? Or perhaps 300? Call Kat Baumgartner today! 615-824-6528 Ext. or E-mail me!
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